mem proper stoneDuring the difficult time of losing a loved one or a dear friend, let us assist you with a beautiful floral arrangement to celebrate the life and love of someone close to you. Our designers are here to help you with whatever request you may have. 

Providing Memorial Care services is one of the most meaningful services we provide. We will place florals arrangements of any kind —  wreaths, pine blankets, gravel saddles, and vases —  at the request of family members. As part of this service, we will also clean the headstone, place the arrangement, and take a digital photograph that can be emailed to you.

​If you live nearby, or out of this area and decide this is something that you would like to do, please contact Kaki and she will get some general information including the  location of the grave site. We will map the location so that we are prepared to take care of your order any time you would like. Let us know that you would like a digital photo emailed to you. We are honored to help take care of your loved one’s sites.